'Your Adventure Awaits'


Hull Design

The most stable and easy to ride hull provides users of all ability levels with full control to build strong riding skills and carve up the water.

100 CC Dfi Engine

The DFI Engine is the first fuel-injected engine in a surfboard, and is already setting the standard for the industry. Pre-mixed fuel is injected directly into the cylinder, delivering significant improvements in: Emissions Impact, Acceleration, Performance, Easier Maintenance, and Fuel Efficiency.

Dual Foot Bindings

Perfect for boards being shared by both Goofy and Regular riders, the dual binding setup means the board is always ready to go, with no adjustments or changes required.

FCS Fins

Installing and customizing fins has never been easier. The click on/off patented FCS system eliminates the need for tools and screws.

Control Handle
& Kill Switch

The Kill Switch magnet attached to your wrist starts the engine when inserted into the JETSURF Control Handle. When the key is disconnected from the handle the engine shuts off, ensuring an extremely safe experience.


The Silencer significantly reduces the noise produced from the exhaust down to just 59dB.


Carrying your gear has never been easier. Add the RACK on the front of the ADVENTURE board and you can easily strap on a dry-bag, or mount the external fuel tank for an extra long trip. The RACK is perfectly placed so extra weight does not affect your ride.

Fuel Tank

Securely mount the extra fuel tank onto the RACK for extra long adventures making the board independent for up to 2.5 hours of cruising time.

Dry Duffel

Whether you want to bring your phone, a towel, toolkit, or lunch, the Duffel will keep your gear dry. Strap it to the RACK and enjoy cruising with your essentials without having to wear a backpack.


The inflatable TUBE is like training wheels for the JETSURF board. Simply strap it to the board for increased buoyancy making the board incredibly stable at very low speeds. Perfect for beginners to build confidence while learning.

Environmentally Friendly

JETSURF cares about our impact on the environment. Our fuel efficient DFI Engine is one of the smallest and cleanest marine engines in the world.

Technical Details


Length 1800 mm / 70.87 inches
Width 600 mm / 23.62 inches
Height 150 mm / 5.91 inches
Weight 18.5 kg / 40.8 pounds
Max Load 120 kg / 264 pounds
Fuel Capacity 2.8 l / 0.74 gallons
Bindings Dual foot bindings

Drive Unit

Propulsion System Jet-Pump direct drive
Racing Pump Carbon fiber; Axial flow; single stage
Racing Impeller Carbon fiber


Type 2 stroke engine NG 100 DFI
Displacement 100 CC
Fuel Unleaded 95 + full synthetic 2 stroke racing oil
Top Speed 55 km/h / 35 mph


Ignition Processor ICU
Starter 3F brushless starter
Battery Li-Ion 9 Ah (99Wh) - The engine does not recharge the battery, there is accumulator which will give you approximately 150 starts of 3 hours of continuous riding without recharging. Recharging takes approximately 45 min. and can be done via a car cigarette lighter output or socket.