Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

Are the boards electric or fuel-powered?

JETSURF is the only brand with both fuel and electric options for every type of rider.

What is the max load of the boards?

The max load is approximately 260 lbs.

Do the boards float on the water?

The board is built to run on the water, not to sit in the water. The board can easily hold your body weight while the board is moving however you should not chill on the board while the board is idle.

How much does it weigh?

The fuel-powered boards weigh less than 45 lbs. The JETSURF Electric weighs 64 lbs (this is including the battery)

Where are the boards manufactured?

All JETSURF boards are manufactured in the Czech Republic, Europe at the MSR Engines factory. MSR Engines has been producing extremely impressive high performance engines.

Where is your company located?

JETSURF Toronto is located in the Greater Toronto Area, servicing customers throughout Canada.

What is the top speed?

The top speed of JETSURF boards ranges from 55 km/h to 60+ km/h depending on the model.

What is the cruising range?

The cruising range of our fuel-powered boards is around 50-55 minutes on one fuel tank (2.8 Litres). The cruising range of the JETSURF Electric is around 35 minutes on one fully charged battery pack.

Can the board fit in my car?

Yes, the boards are only 6' long, and come with a board bag with handles and backpack straps, for easy carrying. The JETSURF board can fit in a small car if the back seat folds down.

Can I check it as luggage on the airplane?

The big advantage of the fuel-powered JETSURF boards is that you can check it as luggage and take it on vacation with you. It is not possible for the Electric JETSURF due to the large battery.

The fuel tank needs to be completely dry and removed from the board, and in your checked luggage bag. The ICU (battery) needs to be removed and brought as Carry-On luggage.

Can I ride the board in salt water?

Absolutely. You can ride the JetSurf boards in salt water. Some customers ride the boards exclusively in saltwater. Just like with other boats/etc, you need to rinse the board after every salt water ride to keep it in good condition.
The way you treat the board will determine how it will treat you.

Do I need to know how to surf to ride a JETSURF?

Riders coming from a boardsports background (snowboard, wakeboard, skateboard, ...) will have a head start, but it is not necessary. Even riders with no prior boarding experience can learn to ride in as little as 30 mins.

Is riding a JETSURF Difficult?

It is not difficult to enjoy the board in a number of ways. Riders can lay on the board like a bodyboard, kneel on it like a kneeboard, or sit on it even with minimal skill required. The goal is always to stand and surf, but there is no rush, and every rider can learn at their own pace.

Differences in Boards

Why should I choose JETSURF over another brand?

JETSURF was established in 2010 and quickly become the market leader in the motorized surfboard industry. We currently own about 85% of the motorized surfboard market offering the largest range of models are the only brand offering both Fuel and Electric.

There are many imitation products on the market that use the name "JETSURF" but are NOT our product.
These boards often use misleading and sometimes stolen images from the JETSURF community to make their products look like they are similar in quality and performance to our boards, but this could not be further from reality.

There is only one JETSURF. We encourage customers to do their due diligence and research before you buy, you will see that JETSURF has been the #1 Board in the world for 10+ years and counting.

JETSURF is the only brand that has created and is involved in the sport of Motorized Surfboard racing, competing on an international race circuit under the UIM - The MotoSurf World Cup Championship racing series.

What is the difference between a JETSURF and an E-foil?

E-foils and JetSurf boards are two very different products.

In Canada, E-Foils are NOT-LEGAL to operate on public waterway. Transport Canada does not allow the use of propeller-driven surfboards, OR remote controlled personal watercraft. E-Foils have BOTH of these ILLEGAL properties, and if caught on one, the rider can face a fine or the board being impounded.

JETSURF boards are 100% LEGAL in Canada as they use a Jet-Pump, with the control handle attached to the board and an integrated Kill-Switch on your wrist for safety.

E-foils fly above the water surface at a slower pace, it is an interesting feeling but you are disconnected from the water, so you cannot carve and ride as aggressively as you can on a JETSURF board.

When you carve on a JETSURF board, it is very similar to the sensation of snowboarding. Like the feeling of pushing the snow through turns, is how the water feels when you cut into it and push while carving on a JETSURF.

The big advantage of the fuel-powered JETSURF boards is that you can check it on the airplane as luggage and take on vacation with you. So it doesn't have to be only a summer toy.

You cannot fly with the E-foil due to the large Lithium batteries.

What is the difference between the Adventure DFI & Adventure DFI PLUS?

The main difference is the Alternator. Even the fuel-powered boards have a small battery unit that powers the starter, bilge pump, etc... so you need to charge the board after approximately 4 hours of cruising time. The Adventure PLUS has the alternator so the charging process is significantly reduced.

The other difference is the bindings set up. The Adventure DFI has a double bindings set up so you can share the board with Goofy and Regular riders. The Adventure DFI PLUS has the best binding set up, but it is designed for a specific rider.

The Adventure PLUS also comes with more accessories like the RACK, External Fuel Can and the travel boardbag.

The standard Adventure DFI is a better fit for sharing. The Adventure DFI PLUS is a better fit for long-distance trips and personal use.

What is the difference between the ADVENTURE DFI & Race DFI?

The shape of the hull is the largest difference. The Adventure DFI is more stable on the water so the learning process is easier. It also comes with the double bindings set-up so you can share the board with Regular and Goofy riders.

The Race DFI is made for faster, harder, and more aggressive riding. It also comes with a single bindings set-up so it is a better fit for individual riders.

Generally, the Adventure DFI is a perfect family board for beginners. The Race DFI is a great choice if you are ready for more aggressive ride with sharp turns and hard carving.

The Sales Process

How much do the boards cost?

The price of the boards can range from as low as $9,000 for a used model, or as much as $20,000+ for the latest and greatest.

Do you have the boards in stock?

We Stock boards here in Canada. However, we can't guarantee availability of all colours and models as they sell very quickly, especially the models produced in smaller batches (like the JETSURF Electric or the JETSURF Titanium DFI).

How do I order one?

Please contact us directly via Email at TORONTO@JETSURF.COM or give us a call at (905)JET-SURF (538-7873)

Warranty & Service

Do the boards come with a Warranty?

All new JETSURF boards (except the Race Titanium DFI) come with a 12-month warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

What kind of maintenance is required?

The JETSURF board is a State-Of-The-Art Watercraft and just like any other machine, it requires some level of maintenance. Usual maintenance steps include the following:

· Use only quality gas 91 Octane and up

· Use only two-stroke Full-Synthetic oil

· Rinse the board and lubricate after every salt water use

· Change the spark plug every 10 hours of use

· Charge the ICU to keep the required voltage

Do you have a maintenance manual?

Absolutely. All boards come with a written user manual and with video maintenance tutorial as well.

What kind of Fuel do the boards take?

You need to mix high quality gas (91 Octane) with two-stroke Full-Synthetic oil at a ratio of 50:1

Who services the boards?

JETSURF Toronto services boards for regular maintenance, warranty repairs, and other board repairs.

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