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About JetSurf

JETSURF is the global leader in the production of the fastest, lightest, and most dynamic Motorized Surfboard on the market.

Born from the need to push the limits of conventional water sports, JETSURF has created an entirely new sport and lifestyle, providing an exhilarating experience on the water unlike anything else. From family watersports to professional racing, JETSURF provides people all over the world with true freedom on the water.

Precision engineering at
MSR Engines

From humble beginnings in a tiny workshop in the Czech Republic, MSR Engines - parent company of JETSURF - has developed multiple unique products to meet the demands of a growing community of riders.

By keeping the vast majority of production in one facility, the quality of hand-made JETUSRF boards is second to none. From the production of the engines, construction of the hulls, development of electronics and other board parts, JETSURF keeps as much of the components’ production under one roof as possible, ensuring constant technological development and innovation.

With a growing community of dealers and riders worldwide, JETSURF will continue to be the standard for the Jetboard industry, pushing the limits of what is possible on the water.

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Canada's exclusive dealer

Jetsurf Toronto

JETSURF Toronto is proud to offer thrill seekers in Canada an introduction to the exhilarating world of JETSURFing! Whether you are looking to purchase a board for fun cruises on the lake, to join us and race against the best in the world in the MotoSurf World Cup or you just want to experience the boards for your special event, JETSURF Toronto has you covered as Canada’s Exclusive JETSURF dealer.

Come ride with us!.

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